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Nubiles tribbing and eating pussy on Lesbea
October 22, 2017
As Lili Parker lounges on her bed, Naomi Bennet observes her from a chair nearby. The brunette babe starts to grind against the chair, seducing the blonde lying there luxuriously. Naomi slowly crawls from the chair to the bed, a temptress stalking the object of her desire. Naomi lightly brushes Lili's natural tits, sending a shockwave down the blonde's spine and into her pussy. Sucking on her lover's natural tits, Naomi firmly grips Lili's ass, then slips a finger into her wet flower. Lili gasps with pleasure, and becomes anxious to return the favor. The two lesbian teens begin tribbing vigorously, wrapping their legs around each other as their two bodies and souls become one. After some more clit play, the ladies bring each other to toe-curling orgasm, finally falling back exhausted into each other's arms.

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