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Young French Girl and Older Woman on Lesbea
Luna Rival
Spectacular raven-haired MILF Terra Twain has fantasized about making love to French teen Luna Rival for some time. Wanting to pass on her years of lesbian experience, she invites the petite brunette to her house for an evening, then when Luna is sitting on the couch, she makes her move, coming up behind her to kiss her neck and remove her shirt, revealing her perky young tits. The texture of Luna's nipples feels amazing to Terra as she flicks her tongue against them, and moves to join Luna on the couch and undress. But Luna, too, is full of surprises. She is a pussy-licking expert, and thrills the older woman with her skills, bringing her to easy orgasms again and again--not quite what Terra expected from this nubile beauty, but more satisfying and beautiful than she could have imagined.

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