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Best friends eating pussy in public on Lesbea
October 15, 2017
Lesbian best friends Foxxi Black and Naomi Bennet are casually strolling along a forest path, looking for the perfect place to drop their blanket and bathe under the warm rays of the summer sun. Nobody can be around for the activity they have in mind, for prying eyes might interrupt their pleasure. Picking a reed, Naomi starts to tickle Foxxi, unbuttoning and teasing her perky tits. Confident they're alone, Naomi pulls her shirt up too, revealing her pretty pink nipples. Once the girls have found an especially secluded location for their blanket, Naomi reveals a fun surprise: she hid a video camera in the blanket! Foxxi strips as Naomi films, bending over and shaking her big booty for the camera. Foxxi starts to eat her girlfriend's shaved pussy, feeling her pulsate with orgasm on her tongue. Naomi returns the favor, fingering Foxxi's tight pussy until the pair lay back quivering to enjoy the endorphins of sun and sex!

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