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Asian and Italian lesbian orgasms on Lesbea
August 20, 2017
Pussykat looks into the mirror and admires what a fine job she's done on her hair and makeup. Feeling beautiful, she notices the lovely Valentina sleeping on the bed behind her. Her eyes are drawn to Valentina's gorgeous curves, and when the Italian brunette turns over, exposing her amazing ass, Pussykat's eyes are drawn to a different beauty. Joining her lover on the bed when Valentina wakes up, Pussykat kisses her deeply. Soon the two babes are using their fingers and tongues to tease each other, sucking on nipples and tasting sweet juices. Pussykat's big tits are practically more than a handful for Valentina, so she takes them into her mouth instead. After Pussykat stretches Valentina's tight pussy and makes her cum, Valentina returns the favor and brings the Asian spinner to brilliant orgasm.

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