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Perfect pussy licking blondes on Lesbea
August 13, 2017
Cristal Caitlin
Two sexy blonde babes that love to make each other cum are a perfect recipe for passion and pleasure. Cristal Caitlin takes early control of the pairing when she starts to pour oil on Sofi Goldfinger's legs and suck her toes. Sofi giggles adorably as she has her feet tickled by Cristal's tongue, but starts to moan in bliss when the latter's tongue moves to her inner thigh. By the time Cristal has made her way to Sofi's pretty pussy, Sofi is dripping wet and desperate to be fingered. After tasting Cristal's juices, Sofi gets super horny, and throws her to the bed in a fit of passion then gets on top to suck her nipples. When it comes time for Caitlin to return the favor, she's eager to taste Sofi as well, and pleasure her with her feet the way Sofi likes it. Soon, the couple pulls out their favorite toy and both achieve brilliant, radiating orgasm.

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