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In The Morning

Models: Lola, Victoria B
HD Video up to 1920x1080p

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    Viktoria and Lola spent a passionate night together, a heat of the moment one night stand and now they find themselves in the fresh morning light. The sounds of the nightclub replaced by the gentle chirping of birds, the body hugging dresses are now Viktoria's classy silk gowns as Lola wanders into her bathroom to find her gazing in the mirror. This time she wants to take her time with her lover, to kiss her gently and explore her femininity. She pulls slowly at the drawstring of the gown and Viktoria's fantastically full breasts push their way out. The intimacy builds as the girls savour sucking each other's tongues and Lola rubs her awakening pussy on Viktoria's thigh, her plump buttocks begging to be squeezed and of course Viktoria obliges her. It is with this closeness that the girls climax, a most sensual coming together after the wild passion of the night before.