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  • Tour Marquee Video: Girls Who Like Girls - Eufrat and Blue are girls who like girls. There is no pretense here, what you see in this scene is a pure, uninterrupted and honest sexual experience between two women who genuinely love intimate lesbian moments. The physical and natural beauty of the two girls enhances the aesthetic quality of this scene, but the real beauty comes from the true emotional connection as the feelings flow through them. Watch how beautifully soft and sensual it begins, and how the kisses get deeper and the eye-contact more powerful. Both girls were wet before their panties came off, and in the more explicit close-ups we tried to capture this wetness flowing in their pussies, flowing in harmony with the beauty and energy of this female experience. To us there is nothing more beautiful than watching the movements in a girls body and the expressions on her face as she reaches the ultimate climax that is the female orgasm.
  • Tour Marquee Video: I'll Follow You - Lily's pure white vest and Tracy's light, creamy white summer dress project a wonderful purity and innocence to these images. Of course we know these girls well by now and we know full well that they are not innocent at all and love to bury their faces in a wet, juicy pussy just as much as you or I. In fact, they are experts at it and meeting now for the third time there is clearly a very arousing feeling between the girls that they are particularly fond of each other's sweet lips, breasts, bums and ripe pussies. Today Tracy decided to worship at the alter of Lily, bowing down before her and letting Lily sit on her face as she eats from beneath. Enjoy two beautiful girls in love.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Make Me Beg -  Ariel and Bridget have such contrasting looks and yet when they are naked and entwined they seem to compliment each other perfectly. Ariel's milky soft skin pinned against Bridget's tanned, tight torso as they exchange deep, wet kisses is a breathtaking sight. They slowly undress one another, both intent on running inquisitive hands, lips and tongues over every inch of their young, gorgeous bodies. Ariel's full, shapely breasts are worshiped by Bridget. The playful blonde is keen to experience the feeling of such womanly assets in her eager mouth. The soft moans from both girls are sensual and alluring. Ariel is equally keen to suck on Bridget's small, delicious nipples as they both start to moisten with excitement and anticipation of what is to come. Bridget's inviting wet hole is a welcome site for Ariel who buries her face between the long, tanned legs opening up in front of her. Natural juices begin to flow as the probing tongue of the flame haired babe penetrates and pleasures until Bridget's tingling body releases a powerful, shuddering orgasm. They share a kiss, Bridget tastes herself on Ariel's lips and wants her sexy girlfriend to experience the same feeling. She lays her down and slowly moves towards Ariel's pulsating wet pussy. Bridget guides her fingers inside to feel the sticky warmth emanating from within. She presses her tongue firmly against Ariel's sensitive clitoris, she can tell it won't take long. Bridget stays locked on as the stunning redhead squirms and writhes with pleasure. Her intense climax leaves her shaking and flushed. A beautiful lesbian encounter.
  • Tour Marquee Video: The Two Of Us - An incredible start to the new year here! If you are feeling delicate from to much celebrating last night then I'm sure welcoming back the original perfect couple Eufrat & Ivy will make you feel a whole lot better. In fact if you look up traditional hangover cures you will probably find that looking at adorable Czech girls getting naked and making love is among them! Ivy looks good enough to eat in her see-through blouse and from the glow in Eufrat's eyes that's exactly what she intends to do! Eufrat is the envy of the world when she lays back and Ivy rides on top of her, the sight of this young girl's puffy nipples showing through her top and her mons pubis stretching her cotton panties at the front as they roll up and squeeze her firm buttocks out the edges is simply irresistible.
  • Tour Marquee Video: At Dusk - Lisa is the ultimate milf. So incredibly sexy and confident with classic beauty. The way she eats another woman's pussy is truly amazing. It doesn't matter what young woman is placed in front of her, Lisa is able to give that lucky woman the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced.
As for Brandy, well none come cuter or more playful. Her and Lisa are a perfect combination. Brandy's delectable pussy is where Lisa's mouth wants to be, and she won't be leaving anytime soon.

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica in full 1080p HD

Lesbea is an exclusively all-girl website dedicated to capturing genuine and intimate girl-on-girl sex with gorgeous and alluring women from around the world. If you love to watch women deep kissing, making love with genuine passion and feeling, and giving each other real orgasms, then you have come to the right place!

Main Video Thumb: I'll Show You
Tour Video: Micha and Anna are two lesbian lovers with gorgeous long locks, wearing sexy white lingerie. One is blonde, and one is raven haired. You wouldn't know it, but it's Anna's first time performing on camera, for your viewing pleasure. Knowing that you're watching her makes the lesbian experience even more exciting to her. The lovers stimulate each other's g-spots with their fingers and lick each other's pussies until they have both had their fill of orgasms. After, they smile intimately and kiss each other, taking a break before the next round of sexy girl on girl action.
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All of our videos and photos are available in many different formats and resolutions, including beautiful 1080p full HD, and also mobile and iPad formats. As a member you can also download our content and keep scenes and pictures on your computer to enjoy at your leisure.

Main Video Thumb: Take It Slow
Tour Video: It's Alessandra's first time making intimate love to a gorgeous woman while being filmed, but it's definitely not her first lesbian experience. She's a little nervous, so her and brunette lover Carrie take it slow. Luckily Carrie knows just what to do. She sensually unbuttons Alessandra's plaid shirt as they make out, and moves her lips down Alessandra's beautiful body. Once things get heated up, both girls take turns fingering each other hard, creating a sexual soundtrack of moaning and cumming.
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Minimal toy use, real orgasms, deep kissing...

Genuine feeling and girls who love girls! At Lesbea.com we have a range of genuine Lesbian Erotica, and we avoid the usual cliches, which we feel ruins most girl/girl porn. We love to capture experienced women together doing what comes naturally, as well as curious first-timers experiencing something new and exciting!

Main Video Thumb: Still In Love
Tour Video: After all this time, lesbians Sylvie and Keira are still in love. The two thin brunettes with long, flowing straight hair have a chemistry which shows how well they know each other's bodies. Sylvie loves the feeling of Keira's soft lips as they make out. Before long their shirts are off and both women are caressing each other's tiny all natural titties. Once the panties come off, fingers slip easily into already wet pussies, and both girls cum hard from the fucking fingers of their lesbian lover.
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Beautiful girls from around the world.

At Lesbea you'll find an array of women, from young 18 year-old girls-next-door to stunning professional models, more mature women and even amateur models. We strive to use a myriad of different kinds of girls to cater for all tastes.

Main Video Thumb: Open For You
Tour Video: Alexis and Coco can't keep their hands off of each other's sexy all natural bodies. Their lips mash together over and over in a sensual make out session that mirrors the lesbian scissoring that's still to come. It's a brunette on black haired girl extravaganza, as they intimately explore the other's body, fingers grazing almost every inch, until they find what they are ultimately looking for: a wet pussy to finger fuck to a monumental orgasm. After both girls have come to their hearts desire, they make out some more. They just can't get enough.
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The Most Beautiful Nude Photos.

Our passion is to bring you the most beautiful nude photography, sexy, classy, and erotic. The girls of Lesbea look spectacular in our photographs taken by the some of the best photographers. The world of Lesbea could not look better than when it is captured in these beautiful photographs.

Main Video Thumb: Let Love In
Tour Video: What could be better than two gorgeous brunettes in sexy white lingerie with completely shaved pussies making out and ready to pounce on each other with sensual lust? Not much. These lesbian beauties take turns bringing each other to an explosive orgasm with their fingers and tongues, after a steamy make out session. Once both all natural girls have been tired out by cumming, they return to their initial lover's embrace, making out and staring into each other's eyes.
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The Girls Of Lesbea Never Stop Pleasing

Whether she looks like the girl next door or a girl out of your wildest dreams all the models will share with you their own unique unbridled passion. Each video captures moments that are the most intimate and erotic.

Main Video Thumb: Meant To Be
Tour Video: Micha and Carrie were always Meant To Be together. Their warm bodies writhe in unison on Micha's bed in her bright pink bedroom that Carrie said reminds her of the delicate color of sweet pussy. As the girls kiss passionately and lead each other toward another deep orgasm you can see that they always remain in physical contact with the other, never wanting to break their connection and always looking for a way to enhance the experience even more for the lover they always wanted... and you watching them!
Video Thumb1 Meant To Be
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Main Video Thumb: You Remind Me
Tour Video: Sexy 20 year old brunettes, Nikky and Paula, engage in a hot erotic session in this scorcher of a scene. Watch as these nubile beauties make out, slowly removing each other's clothes, revealing their toned bodies and beautiful, all-natural big boobs. The girls soon move on to pleasuring each others' shaved pussies, fingering each other and lapping at each others' clits with flicking tongues, as they each achieve orgasm after orgasm, and finally, completely satisfied they kiss each other some more as they bask in the afterglow of their encounter.
Video Thumb1 You Remind Me
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Main Video Thumb: Someday
Tour Video: Hot and nubile ladies, Ivy and Lily, engage in a lesbian encounter that highlights the splendor and beauty of girl on girl erotic encounters. Watch this as the hot brunette and black haired lesbians make out, finger each others' tight and wet shaved pussies, and go down on each other lapping at their moist clits, before moving on to tribbbing, scissoring each other to orgasm after orgasm, pleasuring each other as only women can, and finally, passionately kissing as they bask in the warm afterglow of their encounter.
Video Thumb1 Someday
Video Thumb2 Someday
Video Thumb3 Someday
Video Thumb4 Someday
Main Video Thumb: Chained
Tour Video: From the way these two lovely lesbian are locked together by their passionate kisses to the finale featuring an orgasmic chain-reaction, Tess and Tracy show why Chained is the perfect title for this world class afternoon tryst of tribbing, fondling and French kissing excitement! The oral action is awesome, but hardcore fans will probably find their fingers forwarding the video to the scissoring climax as the girls grind together toward one of the biggest mutual orgasms we have ever filmed!
Video Thumb1 Chained
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Main Video Thumb: Our Secret
Tour Video: Lesbea fan-favorites, Suzie and Zuzana pair off for a passionate, and highly erotic, lesbian sex session in this hot scene. Making out with increasing intensity, piece by piece their clothes come off, revealing both of their sexy bodies and beautiful all-natural breasts. They swap some oral sex, eating out each others' hairy pussies, cumming at a pretty good clip, and then get down for some strap-on play, the brunette fucking the blonde with her wearable sex toy, and doing a better job of it than most men could.
Video Thumb1 Our Secret
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