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Caught aroused and seduced at work on Lesbea
December 4, 2016
Bianca Bennet
Hottie theater director Bianca Bennet can't find her raven-haired assistant Nikita Ricci anywhere! Hearing sensual moans coming from a props closet, Bianca clicks her high heels down the hallway to investigate. Nikita is hiding in there--fingering herself! But instead of getting angry at the busty alt-chick, Bianca's pussy is wet with arousal. The two European babes begin to kiss passionately, and soon they're all over each other, as clothing, lace lingerie, and sexy black stockings fly everywhere! Half-naked with her pierced titties bouncing, Nikita starts the show by rimming Bianca's small ass, but her mature lesbian lover steals the spotlight. Pushing Nikita seductively against the shelves, Bianca eats out her naughty assistant's tight twat until she's trembling in multi-orgasmic delight!

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