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Natural beauties pussy eating love on Lesbea
February 26, 2017
Kira Zen
Despite the February blizzards in Prague, Euro girlfriends Kira Zen and Sybil Kailena's budding relationship has started to bloom into a beautifully tender love. Whenever the couple is alone together, they strip down to their lace lingerie and entwine their gorgeous bodies together in lesbian passion. Tonight in Sybil's bedroom, Kira seduces the lovely Ukrainian by laying a path of kisses down her flat stomach. When Kira reaches her lover's black thong, she pulls it away to bestow a sensual pussy-licking on Sybil's juicy twat. After the brunette babe shudders into a blissful climax, it's Kira's turn--and Sybil has a sexy surprise planned! After she cheekily brings out a vibrator, Kira and Sybil massage each other's clits with the sex toy, until they're starry-eyed and breathless from cumming.

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