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  • Tour Marquee Video: Moonlight - Haven and Eileen look just like a classic young couple in love. They gaze deep in each others eyes and they can feel the desire beneath the surface. They connect in a most intimate way, holding hands as they first go down on each other, sharing the moment of their sexual arousal as they lick firmly and with purpose to get each other wet. Eileen wants to spread her juices on to Haven's thigh, sliding her pussy back and forth before tribbing with her lover. When the girls make a 69 with Haven on top, we witness the erotic sight of her licking up the juices from Eileen's dripping pussy, before spreading its lips to reveal its wetness. After Eileen climaxes, Haven rolls back and sits up so she can ride Eileen's face for her own pleasure.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Pretty In Pink - Valerie laughs, she’s new and shy and she loves to be one of the girls like Izzy. Izzy takes her gently in her arms and Valerie seems to melt. They kiss a little, Valerie’s short tongue rolling around on Izzy’s before Izzy stretches it out sucking on it. The sensual feeling is heightened as both girls look the other deep in the eyes as they finger and eat out their tidy little snatches. Izzy shudders as she comes and the two girls linger on top of one another kissing.
  • Tour Marquee Video: At Dusk - Lisa is the ultimate milf. So incredibly sexy and confident with classic beauty. The way she eats another woman's pussy is truly amazing. It doesn't matter what young woman is placed in front of her, Lisa is able to give that lucky woman the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced.
As for Brandy, well none come cuter or more playful. Her and Lisa are a perfect combination. Brandy's delectable pussy is where Lisa's mouth wants to be, and she won't be leaving anytime soon.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Tenderness - You know she’s waiting, just anticipating…Nana is a very inexperienced and shy little girl. She needs a delicate touch and she needs to feel safe with her partner, they need to try a little tenderness. She enters the scene unaware of how lucky she is that today that partner is Tracy, a woman who now carries a wealth of experience with her. She immediately senses what Nana needs and takes her time building the trust for Nana to let her in to her most intimate areas and for Tracy to work her magic.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Do It Again - Well well well, back again. Eufrat & Ivy's previous scene for us was such a joy from beginning to end there was no question we had to invite them back to do it again! It would be difficult to improve on that moment so we asked the girls what do they want to do and Eufrat explained in tantalising detail the extra pleasure she receives in climax from using her clitoral stimulator and how she would love to use it. The mood was slower and softer this time, the girls kissing with extreme sensuality as they let their tongues linger on each other, feeling every milimetre of their pleasure receptors. The anticipation of their naked bodies together is almost unbearable as you make out Ivy's dark and puffy areola through her thin white vest. The girls give a masterclass in sensual and teasing foreplay before truly letting themselves go with a lover who they clearly connect with like no other.

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica in full 1080p HD

Lesbea is an exclusively all-girl website dedicated to capturing genuine and intimate girl-on-girl sex with gorgeous and alluring women from around the world. If you love to watch women deep kissing, making love with genuine passion and feeling, and giving each other real orgasms, then you have come to the right place!

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All of our videos and photos are available in many different formats and resolutions, including beautiful 1080p full HD, and also mobile and iPad formats. As a member you can also download our content and keep scenes and pictures on your computer to enjoy at your leisure.

Main Video Thumb: Open Your Heart
Tour Video: It’s been a few years since we saw Victoria Puppy in a Lesbea scene and she’s maturing well. The shy, quiet, slightly awkward girl that once got it on with the lustful older housewife Enza has now begun to take control of her partners and guide them with an assurance that only comes with age and experience. Anna is the quiet one, lacking confidence but ready and willing to open her heart and body to this other woman, she is yearning to feel the intimacy of a female lover.
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Minimal toy use, real orgasms, deep kissing...

Genuine feeling and girls who love girls! At Lesbea.com we have a range of genuine Lesbian Erotica, and we avoid the usual cliches, which we feel ruins most girl/girl porn. We love to capture experienced women together doing what comes naturally, as well as curious first-timers experiencing something new and exciting!

Main Video Thumb: Easy Does It
Tour Video: As sweet as sugar, Honey B is back to buzz around the gorgeous Eveline Dellai and suck the nectar from her ripe and sweet flower. Eveline is eager herself to lock her mouth on to a fresh young pussy while gazing into the eyes of its owner, so that’s exactly what she does while Honey rocks on the table. It’s not long though until Honey needs something a bit stronger, she wants to be penetrated and encourages Eveline to push a dildo in as deep as it can go before thanking her profusely by means of a wet finger fucking.
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Beautiful girls from around the world.

At Lesbea you'll find an array of women, from young 18 year-old girls-next-door to stunning professional models, more mature women and even amateur models. We strive to use a myriad of different kinds of girls to cater for all tastes.

Main Video Thumb: Stay Up Late
Tour Video: Arian comes alive at night, her wild side wakes up and this dark haired beauty has one which she keeps very quiet. Valerie loves to play with her, she is easily excitable and it doesn’t take long before her hairy pussy is aching to be fucked. After she slams her fingers into Valerie’s tight slit on the couch, she gets her girlfriend to pleasure her with a new sex toy which she brought round to show off.
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The Most Beautiful Nude Photos.

Our passion is to bring you the most beautiful nude photography, sexy, classy, and erotic. The girls of Lesbea look spectacular in our photographs taken by the some of the best photographers. The world of Lesbea could not look better than when it is captured in these beautiful photographs.

Main Video Thumb: Spring Fling
Tour Video: Spring has sprung and as the sun shines on the new flowers, new lovers are blooming with desire. The undeniably gorgeous pair of Cayla and Kira pop on some bunny ears and then go at it like rabbits in this beautifully intimate scene of sapphic desire. Perfect pussy eating action unfolds as the vivacious young nymphs pleasure each other to intimate climaxes.
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The Girls Of Lesbea Never Stop Pleasing

Whether she looks like the girl next door or a girl out of your wildest dreams all the models will share with you their own unique unbridled passion. Each video captures moments that are the most intimate and erotic.

Main Video Thumb: How We Fall
Tour Video: Sexually exploring each other with a sensuality and attentiveness we had never before, listening to her needs and responding to what she likes, her giving herself up to me completely with no fear of being ashamed, this is how we fall in love.
Video Thumb1 How We Fall
Video Thumb2 How We Fall
Video Thumb3 How We Fall
Video Thumb4 How We Fall
Main Video Thumb: This Is The Day
Tour Video: Valerie is growing as a lover, she becomes more attentive and sensual every day. With Keira, she makes a pretty pairing, these two sweet young lesbians enjoy a moment together that will last forever. They caress each other’s soft skin, and they lap at their soft moist pussies before sharing their firm bodies together in a 69.
Video Thumb1 This Is The Day
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Video Thumb4 This Is The Day
Main Video Thumb: Close The Door
Tour Video: If you are like Aruna and looking for a bisexual partner with whom you can explore your desires and discover more about yourself sexually you could not do much better than Tracy Lindsay. She has proven herself to be a confident and dedicated lover time and again, always generous and giving she is sensual and attentive. Tonight she tells Aruna to close the door because she does not want any distractions or interruptions to the lesbian love session they are about to enjoy.
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Video Thumb4 Close The Door
Main Video Thumb: No Girl So Sweet
Tour Video: Aruna’s first scene with us, she’s a very pretty girl with a beautiful smile and eyes that transfix and make you fall in love. Valerie exposes her perfect small tits and kisses them before working her way down her torso to a hairy landing strip directing all sexual arrivals to her welcoming pussy. Aruna is still a little shy and finds it difficult to let go with a stranger but Valerie does just enough to help her relax for this, her first time with another woman on Sexyhub.
Video Thumb1 No Girl So Sweet
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Video Thumb4 No Girl So Sweet
Main Video Thumb: Let It Flow
Tour Video: Valerie and Zena decide to roll with it today, to follow their feelings and instincts and see what happens. They’ve shut the door and they want to try a few things together for the first time. They love the sensation of their bodies pressed together so they take this further and trib their pussies, Zena squatting on top of Valerie. Valerie wants her girlfriend to sit on her face so she can spread her pussy over her mouth and she can have a good chew on it before she finger fucks her to orgasm in a 69.
Video Thumb1 Let It Flow
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Lesbian Sex Videos

There is no shortage of lesbian sex videos online and you can watch free lesbian porn anytime. So what makes Lesbea better than free? These are real lesbians in honest 1080p HD videos that capture the sensuality, vigor and passion of true to life girl on girl sexual encounters with multiple cameras. You can see it in their eyes, the way their fingers touch and the subtle tightening or her tummy as she races toward another screaming orgasm that is powerful, real and visceral for everyone who witnesses her climax.

Lesbea is lesbian porn, and it definitely is not the kind of all girl action you are used to in XXX films from other studios or free tube video sites. These lesbian ladies carefully craft every scene to show you what genuine Sapphic pleasure really looks like when they are together in private and encouraged to do whatever comes naturally. Check out the free previews here on Lesbea.com, because these authentic lesbian sex videos will blow your mind. So much more passionate than the kind of thing pornstars usually put out, with a nuanced layer of intimacy that only comes across on camera when the emotions and orgasms are all real. See it all for yourself, right now!