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  • Tour Marquee Video: Moonlight - Haven and Eileen look just like a classic young couple in love. They gaze deep in each others eyes and they can feel the desire beneath the surface. They connect in a most intimate way, holding hands as they first go down on each other, sharing the moment of their sexual arousal as they lick firmly and with purpose to get each other wet. Eileen wants to spread her juices on to Haven's thigh, sliding her pussy back and forth before tribbing with her lover. When the girls make a 69 with Haven on top, we witness the erotic sight of her licking up the juices from Eileen's dripping pussy, before spreading its lips to reveal its wetness. After Eileen climaxes, Haven rolls back and sits up so she can ride Eileen's face for her own pleasure.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Pretty In Pink - Valerie laughs, she’s new and shy and she loves to be one of the girls like Izzy. Izzy takes her gently in her arms and Valerie seems to melt. They kiss a little, Valerie’s short tongue rolling around on Izzy’s before Izzy stretches it out sucking on it. The sensual feeling is heightened as both girls look the other deep in the eyes as they finger and eat out their tidy little snatches. Izzy shudders as she comes and the two girls linger on top of one another kissing.
  • Tour Marquee Video: At Dusk - Lisa is the ultimate milf. So incredibly sexy and confident with classic beauty. The way she eats another woman's pussy is truly amazing. It doesn't matter what young woman is placed in front of her, Lisa is able to give that lucky woman the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced.
As for Brandy, well none come cuter or more playful. Her and Lisa are a perfect combination. Brandy's delectable pussy is where Lisa's mouth wants to be, and she won't be leaving anytime soon.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Tenderness - You know she’s waiting, just anticipating…Nana is a very inexperienced and shy little girl. She needs a delicate touch and she needs to feel safe with her partner, they need to try a little tenderness. She enters the scene unaware of how lucky she is that today that partner is Tracy, a woman who now carries a wealth of experience with her. She immediately senses what Nana needs and takes her time building the trust for Nana to let her in to her most intimate areas and for Tracy to work her magic.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Do It Again - Well well well, back again. Eufrat & Ivy's previous scene for us was such a joy from beginning to end there was no question we had to invite them back to do it again! It would be difficult to improve on that moment so we asked the girls what do they want to do and Eufrat explained in tantalising detail the extra pleasure she receives in climax from using her clitoral stimulator and how she would love to use it. The mood was slower and softer this time, the girls kissing with extreme sensuality as they let their tongues linger on each other, feeling every milimetre of their pleasure receptors. The anticipation of their naked bodies together is almost unbearable as you make out Ivy's dark and puffy areola through her thin white vest. The girls give a masterclass in sensual and teasing foreplay before truly letting themselves go with a lover who they clearly connect with like no other.

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica in full 1080p HD

Lesbea is an exclusively all-girl website dedicated to capturing genuine and intimate girl-on-girl sex with gorgeous and alluring women from around the world. If you love to watch women deep kissing, making love with genuine passion and feeling, and giving each other real orgasms, then you have come to the right place!

Main Video Thumb: Somebody To Love
Tour Video: Cheaply and painfully dumped by her boyfriend on Valentine’s day Kari sits and ponders when she will ever find a partner who she can trust, believe in and with whom she can see a future. Maybe she need look no further than her best friend Paula, not only has she brought her a Valentine’s gift but she will comfort her and make her feel special and loved on this lonely day.
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All of our videos and photos are available in many different formats and resolutions, including beautiful 1080p full HD, and also mobile and iPad formats. As a member you can also download our content and keep scenes and pictures on your computer to enjoy at your leisure.

Main Video Thumb: Softly Does It
Tour Video: The soft sweet lips of two beautiful girls slowly come together, and a first kiss is born, a magical tingling surges down their spines leaving them tantalizingly on edge and buzzing with anticipation for the next. Many more soon followed as these two explored each other’s tight bodies, kissing, licking and fingering until deep intense sensual orgasms were satisfyingly reached.
Video Thumb1 Softly Does It
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Minimal toy use, real orgasms, deep kissing...

Genuine feeling and girls who love girls! At Lesbea.com we have a range of genuine Lesbian Erotica, and we avoid the usual cliches, which we feel ruins most girl/girl porn. We love to capture experienced women together doing what comes naturally, as well as curious first-timers experiencing something new and exciting!

Main Video Thumb: Time After Time
Tour Video: Katy & Zena look so fresh in this lesbian scene, Zena’s bright yellow bra transports us to summer meadows and Katy’s sexy black stockings and cut off denim shorts take us somewhere, well…somewhere rather erotic where we’d prefer to be alone! They completely immerse themselves in one another, their bodies pushed together as they soak up the sensations they create. They both ride each other, Zena tribbing her pussy on Katy’s before she lets this horny blonde suck on her clit and eat her out to orgasm.
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Beautiful girls from around the world.

At Lesbea you'll find an array of women, from young 18 year-old girls-next-door to stunning professional models, more mature women and even amateur models. We strive to use a myriad of different kinds of girls to cater for all tastes.

Main Video Thumb: In The End
Tour Video: It’s been a while since we had an 18 year old girl making her debut with us but that’s what is happening here. 18 year old cutie Annie from Ukraine gets a lesson in love making from Czech crumpet Honey B, she moistens and opens up her little flower and gives her a new experience she will never forget!
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Our passion is to bring you the most beautiful nude photography, sexy, classy, and erotic. The girls of Lesbea look spectacular in our photographs taken by the some of the best photographers. The world of Lesbea could not look better than when it is captured in these beautiful photographs.

Main Video Thumb: Stolen Kisses
Tour Video: Best friends, shopping buddies and now stocking buddies. Comparing socks turns into a little roll around on the bed and Cayla decides impromptu that now is as good a time as any to kiss and see where it takes them. One thing it doesn’t take is a lot of time before Cayla has her hand inside Ryta’s short shorts and is rubbing on her moistening pussy.
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The Girls Of Lesbea Never Stop Pleasing

Whether she looks like the girl next door or a girl out of your wildest dreams all the models will share with you their own unique unbridled passion. Each video captures moments that are the most intimate and erotic.

Main Video Thumb: All The Way
Tour Video: Kara has long fantasised of telling another woman that she wants to kiss her, she wants to slip her tongue inside her mouth and find out what it feels like, the tingle, the buzz running through her body. Valerie lets her find out pretty quickly, and soon they are rolling around on the bed together, tongues in the mouth doing the same. When Kara spreads Valerie’s teen pussy wide open and clamps her mouth on it with focus you know that Valerie will soon be trembling herself at the touch of another woman.
Video Thumb1 All The Way
Video Thumb2 All The Way
Video Thumb3 All The Way
Video Thumb4 All The Way
Main Video Thumb: Endless Night
Tour Video: Darkness draws, shadows fall, Naomi and Paula recline on their bed and prepare to spend an endless night together. Naomi begins to pleasure Paula and is keen to expose her beautiful large natural breasts. She slides a hand inside her shorts before pushing her tongue inside her pussy lips. Naomi decides face sitting is the way she wishes to receive the tongue of Paula, she squats on top of her and lets the sensations pulsate through her body.
Video Thumb1 Endless Night
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Video Thumb4 Endless Night
Main Video Thumb: Pretty In Pink
Tour Video: Valerie laughs, she’s new and shy and she loves to be one of the girls like Izzy. Izzy takes her gently in her arms and Valerie seems to melt. They kiss a little, Valerie’s short tongue rolling around on Izzy’s before Izzy stretches it out sucking on it. The sensual feeling is heightened as both girls look the other deep in the eyes as they finger and eat out their tidy little snatches. Izzy shudders as she comes and the two girls linger on top of one another kissing.
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Video Thumb4 Pretty In Pink
Main Video Thumb: All I Want For Christmas
Tour Video: All warm and snuggled in their festive pyjamas, Karina and Vanessa have baked some cookies to leave for Santa. They are each very excited about Christmas this year, but one of them has a big secret and all year she has kept it to herself. Vanessa has gifted Karina a sex toy, a strap on dildo with which she has fantasised being fucked, to feel the fake cock sliding in and out of her moist little pussy as she rides atop her best friend drives her wet and wild with excitement, and this Christmas she has decided to make it happen.
Video Thumb1 All I Want For Christmas
Video Thumb2 All I Want For Christmas
Video Thumb3 All I Want For Christmas
Video Thumb4 All I Want For Christmas
Main Video Thumb: Been A Long Time
Tour Video: It’s been a long time since someone has walked onto a Lesbea set for the first time and proceeded to make lesbian love in front of camera like they’ve been doing it all their life. It’s been a long time since Lexi was swooning over another girl because of the way she french kissed and the way she ate out her sweet little tight pussy. Ally and Lexi melt into each other’s arms, a sensual and passionate scene which sees Lexi’s head spin with arousal in a hot 69 and Ally shudder with orgasmic pleasure, face sitting on her tight lover.
Video Thumb1 Been A Long Time
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Video Thumb4 Been A Long Time

Lesbian Sex Videos

There is no shortage of lesbian sex videos online and you can watch free lesbian porn anytime. So what makes Lesbea better than free? These are real lesbians in honest 1080p HD videos that capture the sensuality, vigor and passion of true to life girl on girl sexual encounters with multiple cameras. You can see it in their eyes, the way their fingers touch and the subtle tightening or her tummy as she races toward another screaming orgasm that is powerful, real and visceral for everyone who witnesses her climax.

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