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  • Tour Marquee Video: Melt - Rita and Haven look fantastic together, kissing delicately with their sexy natural bodies suggestively hidden by natural fibres. Then Haven pulls out Rita's sensational breasts and begins to give them the worship they deserve, Rita is quick to return the affection and things really start to get going when Haven slips her hand inside her lover's tight yoga pants to massage her pussy. Rita reveals Haven's inviting silk panties but it's just a tease as Haven lays the young goddess down to finger fuck and lick her to a strong orgasm before pleasuring herself by rubbing her wet pussy and clitoris firmly up and down Rita's thigh.
  • Tour Marquee Video: This Is It - The title says it all, if you are looking for an example of steamy, passionate and real sex between two women who simply can't get enough of each other; this is it. Tracy & Crissy practically set the camera on fire as they rolled around on the bed together for the best part of half an hour. The kissing was so deep and meaningful we thought they would swallow each other's tonsils at one point. Tracy told us that she had never felt so compatible with a first timer and after the shoot literally begged us to get them back together as soon as possible.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Girls Who Like Girls - Eufrat and Blue are girls who like girls. There is no pretense here, what you see in this scene is a pure, uninterrupted and honest sexual experience between two women who genuinely love intimate lesbian moments. The physical and natural beauty of the two girls enhances the aesthetic quality of this scene, but the real beauty comes from the true emotional connection as the feelings flow through them. Watch how beautifully soft and sensual it begins, and how the kisses get deeper and the eye-contact more powerful. Both girls were wet before their panties came off, and in the more explicit close-ups we tried to capture this wetness flowing in their pussies, flowing in harmony with the beauty and energy of this female experience. To us there is nothing more beautiful than watching the movements in a girls body and the expressions on her face as she reaches the ultimate climax that is the female orgasm.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Fuck Buddy - A woman has her needs and Jasmine is no exception. She knows that a pussy hungry lesbian angel like Tracy would jump at the chance to lick, suck and generally munch on her beautiful tight black vagina. So that's what she's decided to have her do, they've entered into a classic fuck buddy scenario with no strings attached, at least that's how it starts. Jasmine is trying to stay cool and keep the upper hand by making Tracy feel like the needy one, but maybe Tracy will do her so good that Jasmine starts to call her up begging for her touch!
  • Tour Marquee Video: At Dusk - Lisa is the ultimate milf. So incredibly sexy and confident with classic beauty. The way she eats another woman's pussy is truly amazing. It doesn't matter what young woman is placed in front of her, Lisa is able to give that lucky woman the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced.
As for Brandy, well none come cuter or more playful. Her and Lisa are a perfect combination. Brandy's delectable pussy is where Lisa's mouth wants to be, and she won't be leaving anytime soon.

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Lesbea is an exclusively all-girl website dedicated to capturing genuine and intimate girl-on-girl sex with gorgeous and alluring women from around the world. If you love to watch women deep kissing, making love with genuine passion and feeling, and giving each other real orgasms, then you have come to the right place!

Main Video Thumb: How Will I Know
Tour Video: Ukrainian Nana has never been with another woman before and her nerves show in this, her virgin experience. How will she know if she is doing the right thing? If Vanessa likes it, or if she is feeling these sensations herself. Only experience can help her now, and as she begins to relax she is able to let go of her mind and her body follows.
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All of our videos and photos are available in many different formats and resolutions, including beautiful 1080p full HD, and also mobile and iPad formats. As a member you can also download our content and keep scenes and pictures on your computer to enjoy at your leisure.

Main Video Thumb: Don't Forget Me
Tour Video: How could we forget Lexi? Her perfectly petite body and adorable face make the senses tingle as they slowly burn into your memory. Izzy knows what to expect today, Lexi will touch her body in all the right places, in all the right ways. Her fingers and tongue working magic. Lexi really buries herself between Izzy’s legs, thrusting her fingers so deep into her pussy and clamping her mouth on her pussy’s mound, it’s no surprise that when Izzy orgasms her body shudders.
Video Thumb1 Don't Forget Me
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Minimal toy use, real orgasms, deep kissing...

Genuine feeling and girls who love girls! At Lesbea.com we have a range of genuine Lesbian Erotica, and we avoid the usual cliches, which we feel ruins most girl/girl porn. We love to capture experienced women together doing what comes naturally, as well as curious first-timers experiencing something new and exciting!

Main Video Thumb: Feel Me
Tour Video: Cynthia wants Izzy to feel her, and who can blame her? Izzy has turned heads and got hearts racing with her recent scenes for Lesbea and Cynthia is one of those affected. They press their bodies together as they kiss, and soon Cynthia begins to eat Izzy’s pussy. Cynthia is desperate to feel these sensations herself, inviting Izzy closer each time to lick and finger her to a climax.
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At Lesbea you'll find an array of women, from young 18 year-old girls-next-door to stunning professional models, more mature women and even amateur models. We strive to use a myriad of different kinds of girls to cater for all tastes.

Main Video Thumb: Sunday
Tour Video: A lazy sunday afternoon, Tracy cradles her lover Izzy, gently stroking her hair and face. These two girls have no plans, no commitments and the clock is moving slowly. A very sensual embrace follows as the two girls kiss and Tracy begins to squeeze Izzy’s butt. When Tracy eats her pussy, Izzy wants something to do herself so Tracy climbs on in a 69 before fingering her girl to a massive orgasm.
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Our passion is to bring you the most beautiful nude photography, sexy, classy, and erotic. The girls of Lesbea look spectacular in our photographs taken by the some of the best photographers. The world of Lesbea could not look better than when it is captured in these beautiful photographs.

Main Video Thumb: Let Go
Tour Video: Jasmine makes her first appearance for Lesbea in this scene with the lovely Cristin. Jasmine dives in by climbing on top of Cristin and riding her body, grinding back and forth and it’s not long before her pussy juices begin to flow. When she strips off Cristin’s panties her tight pussy and clean asshole present themselves in a most inviting way and Jasmine licks them fully. Cristin doesn’t want to miss out on these sensations so she makes sure to pleasure Jasmine in a 69 where she can bury her face deep inside her plump ass cheeks.
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The Girls Of Lesbea Never Stop Pleasing

Whether she looks like the girl next door or a girl out of your wildest dreams all the models will share with you their own unique unbridled passion. Each video captures moments that are the most intimate and erotic.

Main Video Thumb: Seeking
Tour Video: Both girls debuting in this scene for Lesbea. Czech cutey Izzy takes hold of Spanish babe Alexa’s legs as they kiss and cuddle up on the bed. She takes the lead and her eyes sparkle as she begins licking Alexa’s pussy, gazing up at her. Izzy gets dizzy as she is face sitting on Alexa, her clit is so sensitive it’s too much for her in this position and it feels safer laying down with Alexa wrapped around her as she cums.
Video Thumb1 Seeking
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Main Video Thumb: So Fresh
Tour Video: We love Tina and Tina loved Zena from the start, she loved her look and the fact she had a tongue stud, she’s never kissed anyone with one before and she said when she felt it licking on her clit she had electric sensations surging through her! As she was licking Zena’s pussy, she started fingering herself and quickly became wet, you can see her wet panties in the video. Two natural lesbian beauties making love.
Video Thumb1 So Fresh
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Main Video Thumb: Odile's Dark Desire
Tour Video: Halloween is creeping up on us and we dip our toes early in its murky swamp-like waters with this offering from Lesbea. Inspired by the movie “Black Swan” this scene plays with what the reality of a lesbian fantasy could have been. As the white swan Odette moves delicately she is unaware of Odile the black swan approaching. Odile teases the white swan, casting her spell before devouring her mind, body and soul.
Video Thumb1 Odile's Dark Desire
Video Thumb2 Odile's Dark Desire
Video Thumb3 Odile's Dark Desire
Video Thumb4 Odile's Dark Desire
Main Video Thumb: Right There
Tour Video: Brand new girl Tina joins us with our old friend Angel, whose presence always raises the room temperature by a few degrees. Tina’s incredible natural boobs are not her only mouth watering asset which Angel demonstrates after removing her panties by squeezing her soft, smooth and perfectly plump pussy lips together like juicy peach. Tina is no slouch when it comes to making out and she does a good job of leaving a big first impression by getting really stuck in and lapping and slurping at Angel’s pussy like a thirsty kitten.
Video Thumb1 Right There
Video Thumb2 Right There
Video Thumb3 Right There
Video Thumb4 Right There
Main Video Thumb: Beautiful You
Tour Video: This scene was bound to feel real, two highly sexual and curious girls who are both bisexual in real life coming together, showing their desire for one another and exploring their fantasies. From the off Crissy wants to show Ryta how much she wants her and she wraps Ryta’s hair around her hand and pulls her in for a deep and passionate kiss. After lots of steamy foreplay Ryta wants to feel Crissy’s tongue buried in her pussy so she sits on her face, rolling her pelvis around, rubbing and grinding her pussy on Crissy’s hungry mouth. Rita falls down instinctively into a 69 position and returns the attention to Crissy…
Video Thumb1 Beautiful You
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Video Thumb3 Beautiful You
Video Thumb4 Beautiful You

Lesbian Sex Videos

There is no shortage of lesbian sex videos online and you can watch free lesbian porn anytime. So what makes Lesbea better than free? These are real lesbians in honest 1080p HD videos that capture the sensuality, vigor and passion of true to life girl on girl sexual encounters with multiple cameras. You can see it in their eyes, the way their fingers touch and the subtle tightening or her tummy as she races toward another screaming orgasm that is powerful, real and visceral for everyone who witnesses her climax.

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