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  • Tour Marquee Video: Melt - Rita and Haven look fantastic together, kissing delicately with their sexy natural bodies suggestively hidden by natural fibres. Then Haven pulls out Rita's sensational breasts and begins to give them the worship they deserve, Rita is quick to return the affection and things really start to get going when Haven slips her hand inside her lover's tight yoga pants to massage her pussy. Rita reveals Haven's inviting silk panties but it's just a tease as Haven lays the young goddess down to finger fuck and lick her to a strong orgasm before pleasuring herself by rubbing her wet pussy and clitoris firmly up and down Rita's thigh.
  • Tour Marquee Video: This Is It - The title says it all, if you are looking for an example of steamy, passionate and real sex between two women who simply can't get enough of each other; this is it. Tracy & Crissy practically set the camera on fire as they rolled around on the bed together for the best part of half an hour. The kissing was so deep and meaningful we thought they would swallow each other's tonsils at one point. Tracy told us that she had never felt so compatible with a first timer and after the shoot literally begged us to get them back together as soon as possible.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Girls Who Like Girls - Eufrat and Blue are girls who like girls. There is no pretense here, what you see in this scene is a pure, uninterrupted and honest sexual experience between two women who genuinely love intimate lesbian moments. The physical and natural beauty of the two girls enhances the aesthetic quality of this scene, but the real beauty comes from the true emotional connection as the feelings flow through them. Watch how beautifully soft and sensual it begins, and how the kisses get deeper and the eye-contact more powerful. Both girls were wet before their panties came off, and in the more explicit close-ups we tried to capture this wetness flowing in their pussies, flowing in harmony with the beauty and energy of this female experience. To us there is nothing more beautiful than watching the movements in a girls body and the expressions on her face as she reaches the ultimate climax that is the female orgasm.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Fuck Buddy - A woman has her needs and Jasmine is no exception. She knows that a pussy hungry lesbian angel like Tracy would jump at the chance to lick, suck and generally munch on her beautiful tight black vagina. So that's what she's decided to have her do, they've entered into a classic fuck buddy scenario with no strings attached, at least that's how it starts. Jasmine is trying to stay cool and keep the upper hand by making Tracy feel like the needy one, but maybe Tracy will do her so good that Jasmine starts to call her up begging for her touch!
  • Tour Marquee Video: At Dusk - Lisa is the ultimate milf. So incredibly sexy and confident with classic beauty. The way she eats another woman's pussy is truly amazing. It doesn't matter what young woman is placed in front of her, Lisa is able to give that lucky woman the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced.
As for Brandy, well none come cuter or more playful. Her and Lisa are a perfect combination. Brandy's delectable pussy is where Lisa's mouth wants to be, and she won't be leaving anytime soon.

Exclusive Lesbian Erotica in full 1080p HD

Lesbea is an exclusively all-girl website dedicated to capturing genuine and intimate girl-on-girl sex with gorgeous and alluring women from around the world. If you love to watch women deep kissing, making love with genuine passion and feeling, and giving each other real orgasms, then you have come to the right place!

Main Video Thumb: This Time
Tour Video: We welcome back the gorgeous little Keira who always turns us on so much and she welcomes a brand new girl by the name of Morgan. Morgan is a real cutie if a little shy, but once the lights are on and the cameras shooting you can see a spark light in her and she shows Keira just what she can do! Keira naturally takes the lead, working her way around Morgan's body until she is fully aroused, ready and waiting before she moves in to deliver an orgasm of staggering proportions, Morgan herself tells Keira to stop as she is too sensitive and the feelings are too intense for her to handle.
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All of our videos and photos are available in many different formats and resolutions, including beautiful 1080p full HD, and also mobile and iPad formats. As a member you can also download our content and keep scenes and pictures on your computer to enjoy at your leisure.

Main Video Thumb: Closer
Tour Video: A lovely pairing of two gorgeous black haired women Lady D & Lucy Li, they sit facing each other with their legs entwined, as close as they can get for now, soon they are about to get even closer. Their mouths inch toward one another and open, they slide their tongues inside and begin to french kiss with a slow and sensual passion. Lucy lays her partner down on the bed so she can get inside her clothes, she peels back her bra and sucks on her small tits before pulling down her panties so she can spread and rub her pussy from behind. This is only the beginning, Lucy ends up sitting on that girl’s face and trembling with pleasure.
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Minimal toy use, real orgasms, deep kissing...

Genuine feeling and girls who love girls! At Lesbea.com we have a range of genuine Lesbian Erotica, and we avoid the usual cliches, which we feel ruins most girl/girl porn. We love to capture experienced women together doing what comes naturally, as well as curious first-timers experiencing something new and exciting!

Main Video Thumb: Never Felt Like This
Tour Video: Leila is a very sexual redhead who has always loved to bed other women, she loves all sorts from soft feminine types to more playful and adventurous women which is the end of the spectrum at which she finds Nika. They kiss sensually, pulling on each other's lips before Leila slides a hand inside Nika's panties collecting some of her already forthcoming pussy juices and offering them to Nika to taste. Nika has never taken a strap on before and Leila is so excited to be the one to give it to her, she slides in deep and grinds away making sure that her partner takes every inch.
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Beautiful girls from around the world.

At Lesbea you'll find an array of women, from young 18 year-old girls-next-door to stunning professional models, more mature women and even amateur models. We strive to use a myriad of different kinds of girls to cater for all tastes.

Main Video Thumb: Don't Leave
Tour Video:
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The Most Beautiful Nude Photos.

Our passion is to bring you the most beautiful nude photography, sexy, classy, and erotic. The girls of Lesbea look spectacular in our photographs taken by the some of the best photographers. The world of Lesbea could not look better than when it is captured in these beautiful photographs.

Main Video Thumb: Magic Moment
Tour Video: This is definitely a magic moment for Vanessa. Just the chance to look at Lucy's unbelievable tits in real life is a joy but to actually touch them, to hold them, to put on in your mouth and suck on it as she lays there moaning and groaning in pleasure is, well...magical. Vanessa rubs and grinds her body up and down on top of Lucy before they undress each other and get down to some serious carpet munching. Vanessa’s pussy is already wet before it even begins and by the time Lucy is done she is shuddering with pleasure.
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The Girls Of Lesbea Never Stop Pleasing

Whether she looks like the girl next door or a girl out of your wildest dreams all the models will share with you their own unique unbridled passion. Each video captures moments that are the most intimate and erotic.

Main Video Thumb: Linger
Tour Video: Tracy is fast becoming an experienced hand when it comes to showing innocent girls the ways of lesbian love. Annabelle was the young flower she had the chance to open up today, a shy and quiet girl who has had moments with girlfriends in her private life but never on screen and never in a full relationship. She is an all natural beauty with huge natural tits which Tracy could not wait to suck on, pulling hard on the nipples. Tracy really shows how to make love to another woman properly in this scene, for although she has a big orgasm herself she is much more concerned with pleasing her partner.
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Main Video Thumb: Something Special
Tour Video: Kari looked sensational in her little white jean shorts and denim jacket, from the moment the sultry Erica laid eyes on her she knew something special was in the air. There was a slight tension, an electricity between the two as they moved closer, their eyes now locked on each other. Soon Erica undressed Kari and loved her slender body so much that she became noticeably moist as she touched it. This was all before Kari showed her how she eats a pussy, burying herself in Erica’s lovely snatch.
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Main Video Thumb: Play With Me
Tour Video: Hope you are all getting used to Jasmine...She has a natural playfulness and extrovert nature with her own inimitable twist on top. Angella found out today just how much fun playing with Jasmine can be. When she got her hands on Jasmine's firm black body Angella was almost trembling with excitement. Jasmine knew what she wanted today, after the two girls were finished tongue sucking she wanted to ride her teen honey's leg, rubbing her wet pussy all the way to orgasm.
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Main Video Thumb: This Is It
Tour Video: The title says it all, if you are looking for an example of steamy, passionate and real sex between two women who simply can't get enough of each other; this is it. Tracy & Crissy practically set the camera on fire as they rolled around on the bed together for the best part of half an hour. The kissing was so deep and meaningful we thought they would swallow each other's tonsils at one point. Tracy told us that she had never felt so compatible with a first timer and after the shoot literally begged us to get them back together as soon as possible.
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Main Video Thumb: Take Your Time
Tour Video: Vanessa and Erica like to take their time with each other, why wouldn't you with bodies which are that perfect? Every centimetre must be savoured for it's beautiful sensual feel as it sends shivers from the finger tips to the brain. Slowly the innocent Vanessa opens her mouth up to the tongue of the more experienced and experimental Erica who soon guides her down to her pussy which opens up with eagerness to receive the tongue and fingers of her lover.
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Lesbian Sex Videos

There is no shortage of lesbian sex videos online and you can watch free lesbian porn anytime. So what makes Lesbea better than free? These are real lesbians in honest 1080p HD videos that capture the sensuality, vigor and passion of true to life girl on girl sexual encounters with multiple cameras. You can see it in their eyes, the way their fingers touch and the subtle tightening or her tummy as she races toward another screaming orgasm that is powerful, real and visceral for everyone who witnesses her climax.

Lesbea is lesbian porn, and it definitely is not the kind of all girl action you are used to in XXX films from other studios or free tube video sites. These lesbian ladies carefully craft every scene to show you what genuine Sapphic pleasure really looks like when they are together in private and encouraged to do whatever comes naturally. Check out the free previews here on Lesbea.com, because these authentic lesbian sex videos will blow your mind. So much more passionate than the kind of thing pornstars usually put out, with a nuanced layer of intimacy that only comes across on camera when the emotions and orgasms are all real. See it all for yourself, right now!